5 Athlete Marketing Campaign Ideas

Have an athlete do an “Instagram Take Over” for your brand

A take over allows athletes to show a journey through their lifestyle. Often including consistent updates of what they are doing throughout their day or special event.

Do an Instagram Live with the athlete and a lucky customer

Set up a real-time 1 on 1 connection between a fan and athlete to create a space for dialogue through this fun and genuine face to face experience.

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Have an athlete show your product as part of their daily routine, (showing them wearing, eating, cooking, drinking, training, or grooming with your brand)

Open up a channel for more exposure and likeness for your brand. Place your brand to be showcased in any part of a professional athlete’s day through social media.

Start a TikTok  with an athlete

TikTok is a short video app that is growing exponentially, promoting the creation of videos of people dancing, speaking, and much more. Add an athlete to gather more attention with a fun twist.

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Partner with an active or retired athlete to create content for you

Partnering with a former or current athlete to create content provides the ability to tailor make any media to the liking and benefit of both parties.